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CRS Firearms 24 Jan 2020

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TP9V2 Compared With CZ75 SP01

In General

This is a comparison video of the Canik TP9V2 and the CZ75 SP01 well Firearms or double single action both Firearms or chamber 9 mm both Firearms or similar capacity size and shape
So I will be comparing them so if you were considering purchasing one of them this video will help you make a purchasing decision
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RobertM 2 months ago

CZ75. Same reason you did DA/SA decock hammer and the better trigger. I have shot CZ75s before and seen them used in competition matches and I like. Biggest drawback to the CZ for me is the lack of real estate on the slide to rack because the slide is inside the frame. Although that is no big deal while the pistol is running even for mag reloads. Just initial rack to put a round in the pipe. Never shot a Canik but a buddy of mine swears by them and used them in competition matches. Last I heard from him he is using a Walther PPQ now in matches that he traded his CZ75 for. Dumb move on his part to me but it was his choice.

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