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Pocono Tactical 01 Dec 2021

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Tractor Snow Traction Test - Kubota L3901 - R4 tires - 1k ballast

In General

rear tires filled
20° incline 2"snow

4wd - no 3pt ballast : got up slight fishtail
2wd - no 3pt ballast: no go
4wd- 1k ballast: easy up
2wd- 1k ballast: got up

25° incline : 2wd -1k ballast: no go
2wd- 1k ballast: failed. lost traction when dropped bucket
2wd- 1k ballast: got up after some traction lost.

came down bucket first: lost traction because more weight on the small front wheels.
never lost traction coming down in Reverse with the big wheels first.

I noticed in the video that when I went up to 25° incline the right wheel ended up in a lot more snow than in all the other tests. I would discount the validity of this as disproportionate.


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