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Rogue Banshee 24 Oct 2020

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TRB Shorts - A faster way to sort range brass

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How can you tell a shooter that is a reloader at the range? Reloaders are always looking at the ground. If you shoot as much as we do, you are always walking looking at the ground. This brings another problem, sorting all of that brass for reloading. I have spent days sorting brass.

Will the shell sorter allow me to sort brass faster and get to reloading sooner?

Shell Sorter -
380 Shell Sorter Plate -

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SeeleyBob 1 year ago

Got here after a long path. Love your disassembly/assembly videos.

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Rogue Banshee
Rogue Banshee 1 year ago

Well you had a long journey, but I am glad you made it!

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