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Trump Gun Control UPDATE

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Trump Gun Control UPDATE

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Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith 2 months ago

Emotional overreaction. It's what liberal kooks do.

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RobertM 2 months ago

I smell Red Flag law. Whatever it is, it had better be within the law and not violate the Bill of Rights. Trump and the Republicans violate the Bill of Rights and due process and it won't matter how good the economy is. If they break the law and perjure their oath of office to uphold and defend US Constitutional law they will lose the election. I hope they realize that. They take it for granted that what they do will be accepted then they got another thing coming.

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RobertM 2 months ago

We already have a Red Flag law in Florida that the legislature pushed through circumventing Florida voters without a ballot referendum. So our Red Flag law has not been sanctioned by Florida voters and I have told my reps and the governor to repeal it. It has already been abused and used as a tool of gun confiscation violating the 2nd Amendment and the 4th Amendment and due process. Here in Florida under the Red Flag law you are guilty until proven innocent. You do not get a chance to respond or be granted a hearing until after the fact. This is a violation of due process. Rapid due process in no due process at all.

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