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U-Loader for AR/AK + AR10 Review (Magazine Speed Loader)

In General

This is an unboxing and review of the U-Loader by Podavach which is a speed loader. The first version that I review is the U-LOADER *Basic* AR15+AK. As you will see in the video, I found these to best work with Magpul PMAGS for 556 and the Bulgarian waffle magazines for speed loading the 762X39. I also tested Lancer magazines, GI magazines and a Promag. The AR 10 U-Loader ran flawlessly with the magpul AR10 magazines and I absolutely loved it.

Amazon Links:
Magpul Summit Range glasses https://amzn.to/2LhpA0x

Ammo² is now providing ammo for the channel, check them out! https://ammosquared.com/
Back Up Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCvYFQQl3lgxroDa6Q
IG: @WeRunGuns

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Podovach did send these products in to me in exchange for an honest review which is what I delivered. No money exchanged.

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