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Unboxing a 1791 gunleather holster

In General

The holsters from 1791 Gunleather are a quality holster and a very affordable price. When I first saw them online I thought it would be impossible for a 1791 Gunleather holster to be good because of the price being so cheap. I was wrong and that is why I ordered one.

The leather of the holster is thick quality leather and is formed to match your gun precisely. A new leather holster is tight at first but is easily broken in using a simple technique.

1791 GUNLEATHER Glock 19 Holster
1791 GUNLEATHER Glock 43 Holster
1791 GUNLEATHER 1911 Holster
1791 GUNLEATHER 2.1 Mag Holster
1791 GUNLEATHER Holster for Sig Sauer P226, P220, P229

Artisan Tradition Linerlock Green
Artisan Tradition Linerlock Black
Artisan Tradition Framelock Gray

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