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UPDATE: Trump Gun Control

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UPDATE: Trump Gun Control
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Jackrabbit 6 months ago

Trump was a Democrat in the 80s, 90s, 00s, 2010s and he will still be one when he gets reelected. We gun owners said this before Repubs put him on the ticket. Not that repubs are pro gun either.

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Texas Holdem
Texas Holdem 6 months ago

Now I get it,,, Trump has Always been ALL abut the Money & What Better Way to make World Wide Deals than to LIE about Loving NRA 2nd A & All that jazz Just to Win the Prez seat So he can Make them World wide Deals & This is the Proof.
He made a Bundel as Prez But to earn More he is opening his Pockets to Bloomberg Finestine & All them NWO Fags & to Hell with Our God given Rights.
at 1st I was All in but now I see how Flump has did his Flip he's OUT in 2020

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