GunsBeUs 07 Aug 2018

US Navy SEAL Explains What You Need to Shoot 5,000 yards

In General

Rex Tibor and Charlie Melton exhibit some proprietary Ultra Long Range gear rarely seen by the public.

Charlie Melton BIO: BUDs/SEAL course Class 176, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Instructor, Leading Chief Petty Officer of Sniper School, two deployments as part of SEAL Team-5, received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Sailor of the Quarter, Sailor of the Year for all SEAL Teams, and Runner Up for PACIFIC-FLEET SOY. Charlie served as the Operations Leading Chief Petty Officer of the Naval Special Warfare Unit-1 and was in charge of 14 Southeast Asian Countries. Later, he served as SEAL Team-1 Troop Chief and retired as Senior Chief Petty Officer in 2015. Since his retirement he opened Charlie Mike Precision, a Tactical Force Company Specializing in Long Range Rifle Shooting, Pistol-Carbine Courses, and Elite Expeditions.

TACOMHQ Charlie TARAC Reviews:

"The new Charlie TARAC, maybe the best solution for the elevation problem we have when shooting 2 Miles, and beyond. I am a user of the adjustable bases and they work fine for me too but the non intrusive TARAC, is a cleaner solution. If you use an adjustable base you will also get the elevation and be able to zero at any distance, but have to deal with the extra variable of managing the two elevation dials, and their own error. With the TACOM TARAC you will only, reindex ONCE when you get close to the limit of the turret and recover a certain amount of elevation and keep using your scope's turret dial as the only elevation adjustment. Really convenient." - Eduardo

鈥婳verview of the Charlie TARAC (Target Acquisition)

The Charlie is an optical accessory that adds up to 120+ MILs (or 400 MOA) to scopes without having to change rails, rings, cheek piece, or 100 yard zero via mirrors. Shoot with full magnification. MIL or MOA (true not shooter's) is built to order.

Ivey RTM50 Adjustable Scope Rings:
Rapid adjustments made for easy field use
Locking Knob holds settings under recoil
Hardened Square Clamp Studs
Heavy 1/2" hex nut rail clamp
Integrated Sub-Base & Lower Ring
6X Torx Cap bolts, #8-32
Ring Bubble Level

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