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Rogue Banshee 15 Nov 2019

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Using the 5D Tactical Router Jig Pro

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Our 5D Tactical video will show you what comes with the 5D Tactical Multiplatform jig and how to use it.

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The cheapest advertised price that we found on the Internet is from JSD Supply. Check out the jig here

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Video Index:
What comes with the jig kit - 0:24
Step 1: Installing the buffer adapter - 2:13
Step 2: Mounting the lower to the jig - 3:16
Step 3: Installing the side plates - 5:06
Step 4: Installing the drill guide - 6:20
Step 5: Router setup - 7:02
Step 6: Drilling the pilot hole - 9:07
Step 7: Milling the lower - 10:31
Step 8: Drilling the safety, hammer and trigger pin holes - 13:58
Step 9: Removing the receiver from the jig - 14:59
Does it work - 15:48

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