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Patriot InTheDark 12 Aug 2022

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Video Doorbell catches Home Invasion LIVE! * PITD

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Video Doorbell catches Nighttime #HomeInvasion! * PITD
After midnight the motion detection picked up an unwelcomed intruder prowling around the front door. Although the flood lights had not been set off; the alarm sounded, alerting me to their presence. I was fast to enact my instinctual home defense plan. Getting my daughter to her designated safe position, I was ready to repel the threat with extreme measures. The presence of such vast amounts of Toxic masculinity must of stricken fear into them, as they scurried off back into the shadows of night. A well practiced defense plan was invaluable to our safety. Years of training should never be overlooked. Know what to do and train to do it. Be your own First Responder. The actions and situation of that tragic night will live on in new defensive skill training. Criminals, violent offenders, tyrannical players and yes, even deadly spiders will never rest, so be vigilant. Learn how to use defensive tools; firearms, security lights, Toxic Masculinity, Pepper spray, security doors, well maintained residence, alarms, motion detection, cameras, guns, less than lethal means, situational awareness and a defensive mindset can equal the field against threats to you and the ones you love. Know and understand your rights.
Blink video doorbell, Ring video doorbell, #TragedyAvoided
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I am a proud American, blessed father, a staunch 2A activist and a Marine Corps Veteran that just happens to be 100% blind. This is a look at the Second Amendment, firearms, self Defense, Constitutionally protected rights, Liberty and Freedom from the perspective of a Visually Impaired, Blind American. #PatriotInTheDark
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