NicTaylor00 12 Sep 2018

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VIEVU LE3 Body Worn Law Enforcement Camera - REVIEW

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Taking a closer look at the VIEWVU body worn camera, it appears the image sensor is not all that when it comes to quality. The image sensor is actually a .9MP sensor. This is sad in comparison when a typical inward facing selfi camera on your cell phone is 1.3MP or larger. Not too mention the main cameras on cell phones today that are much larger.

Being a camera specifically designed to be worn, it needs to have some kind of image stabilization to help steady the video. Also the lack of a user accessible memory card makes this camera a definite no go for self filming. There are way better choices for those action seeking individuals looking to film their adventures. So far the Sony Action camera still stands out as the clear winner with it's image stabilization and incredible audio. Here is the Sony HDR-AS100VR I refer to:

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