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Virginia Governor Calls For Gun Control (Including Red Flag)

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Virginia Governor Calls For Gun Control (Including Red Flag)

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is making an aggressive push to revive gun-control proposals that GOP lawmakers killed in last year’s General Assembly session, seizing what he senses to be Democratic momentum as the legislature convenes next week.

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ironked 6 months ago

As a Virginian I appreciate your video. We are at a place where there are only a couple of places where we can get actual information. The NRA has some detrimental dogs in this fight. President Trump, same. I don't know what Trump's excuse is except he spent his life until now as a NY liberal. I have a feeling that some of the reason NRA curtailed NRA News Cam & Company is because Cam Edwards, living in rural central Virginia, has spoken against red flags and the bump stock idiocy. Ironic with the national HQ located in suburban DC, Fairfax, Virginia, second richest county in America. It's one of the most liberal jurisdictions in the state. Due to the expanding influence of government workers, we are becoming a colony of DC. I will mention the Virginia Citizen's Defense League has been getting word out along with the political site Republican Standard. Little notice. There is a demonstration and mass lobby day at the capitol on Jan 21. As you mentioned, in 2017 we not only lost the Governor, Lt. Governor and kept the rabid AG. We also lost about a 25 seat safety margin in the legislature. The 2018 elections made it even closer. In other words proud Virginia is about a vote away from being hellhole NJ. While the urban areas pretty much dominate, in the rest of the state is blood red and there were a lot of gun owners who did not vote. It was either complacency, stupidity, lack of awareness or despair. The media predictably does not elaborate on anything. We just hear, "gun safety measures". Between the assault weapon ban and the mag ban it will amount to a virtual ban on all semiautomatic rifles, shotguns and pistols. No caliber exceptions, includes the simple .22 Ruger 10/22 because it can "take" over 10 round mags. An addendum of the storage provision will be characterization of "children" up to age 18 and that no one under 14 should be allowed to touch a gun. There is also a universal background check provision. I think the legislature is opening with something like 65 Democrat anti-gun and anti-gun-owner proposals. They despise us all. One even calls for government recording and reporting for every ammunition purchase to prevent stockpiling. No incrementalism this time. It's full retard New Jersey at one pass.

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