Armed_Republic 13 Dec 2019

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Virginia is Ground Zero & Here is Why!

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Control of the Commonwealth of Virginia is now in control of the few Counties. This is the beginning of bad things to come

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Izeroin48 8 months ago

Thank you for your excellent explanation. It's very similar out here in eastern Oregon. Eastern Washington also. It has been said that those eastern portions should make their own states since the more highly populated western portions which are mostly liberal around the large cities make the laws for the conservative eastern portions. And those making those laws have no idea what they are doing. Now not all of the western parts are liberal. Only around the big cities like Portland, Salem, and Eugene. The rural parts of the western half tend to be more conservative. It's the same mess as what Virginia is experiencing. Best Regards

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darcys 8 months ago

I live in Nevada and we have the same problem here. I agree that states should have electoral systems too.

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