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Forgotten Weapons 20 May 2022

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Virtual Tour: Austrian Museum of Military History

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0:00 - Introduction
02:30 - 17th Century hall
06:12 - 18th/19th Century hall
09:29 - World War One hall
17:13 - World War Two hall
20:24 - Naval history area

I recently had a chance to visit the Austrian Museum of Military History, and figured it would be nice to film a tour for the channel. The museum is in Vienna (the address is actually "Arsenal 1") and is one of the oldest continuously-operating military museums in Europe. There are four main galleries, and while they have a lot of very good sub-collections I think the real strength of the museum is the World War One section.

A few of the highlights include:
- Perhaps the best collection extant of 17th century Turkish arms
- A 380mm WW1 siege gun
- Girandoni air rifle and it's air pump
- WW1 compressed-air mortars
- Salvatore-Dormus machine guns, and several Villar Peruses
- Artifacts from the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, including his car and uniform and three of Princip's groups' FN 1910 pistols

If you are in Vienna, it is definitely a museum worth stopping in to see! I am looking forward to a future visit myself to see the new World War Two exhibits, which are expected to open in 2024.

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