Budget_Gun_Cinema 13 Oct 2019

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VR To Jesse B Outdoors EDC Challenge

In General

This is my VR to Jesse B Outdoor's EDC challenge for small pewtube channels. He tagged me the day after the majority of my EDC gear was stolen from my car in Portland, but here's what I have left!

I'm tagging AlphaRomeo-OneFive so if you're watching...TAG, you're it!
Here's a link to his channel...

Here's a link to Jesse B Outdoor channel. Thanks for tagging me buddy! It was a fun video to make even though it sucked I couldn't do it with my actual stuff LOL!

And just 15 minutes after we got in the car to drive home, there was a shooting literally one block northeast of where we parked! Here are links to my Instagram page and a local news story with more info...


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