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Walther PPQ 9mm Full Size 1,000 Round Review With CHEAP Ammunition

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Today we test some of the cheap range ammunition from Aguila, Monarch, Remington, Federal and Winchester in the Walther PPQ 9mm full size pistol. This testing will put us past the 1,000 round count through this pistol, so we will give you a final report as well. A big thank you to those we help make these videos possible like Walther, High Caliber Targets and the CloverTac Patreon patrons!

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BorricuaNY 2 years ago

Can somebody help me i am interested in a 3D a block 19 But I want it designed on my own way but I don't have printer or anything can somebody text me [email protected]

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Reloader59 4 years ago

Walther makes the best guns for the price point. They are way under appreciated. I own several of them in .45 ACP, 9 mm PPS, 9 mm PPQ, and a WWII era PPK in .32 acp, and even that one will out shoot most other guns. I have thousands of rounds through my guns and I can't remember the last time I had a failure.

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CloverTac Productions
CloverTac Productions 4 years ago

my PPQ is STILL going strong, probably close to 10K through it at this point. thanks for sharing. if you watch more recent stuff, i am having some issues with the PPQ 22, sadly. Hopefully I get that issue figured out and am working with Walther to determine what is happening.

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Mark 5 years ago

A PPQ is on my list.

Some grit may have been in the striker channel that needs to be wiped out. That happens on my PPS.

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CloverTac Productions
CloverTac Productions 5 years ago

very well could have, since this was a T&E, didn't really wanna do anything to it unless I absolutely had to and turns out, if fixed itself within about 200 rounds... pushing 2K through here now and still no signs of any issues

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WTexHunter 5 years ago

Good Review, nice to know the Trigger got better and you had no Failures.

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CloverTac Productions
CloverTac Productions 5 years ago

yeah, hard to believe at nearly 1,200 round i didn't have a bad primer or SOMETHING... especially with that Monarch thrown in there. i guess maybe this Walther whacks that primer hard enough it has no choice but to fire. LOL

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