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What NOT to do when coming into a Gun Store! | Guns and Range Training Center

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We had a person come in asking for ammo, and as he did he pointed the gun directly at our employees thinking it was okay. Do NOT do this! This is extremely dangerous.

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GunLady Femme Fatale ARMS

I had a woman point a loaded revolver at me. I was very firm and pissed off, and her response was “you obviously know nothing about firearms, my finger wasn’t even near the trigger”. She was asked to leave.

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dalebfast 2 years ago

Nobody's taught him the rules of gun safety.

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nef003 2 years ago

It’s really something to see uneducated individuals representing the law abiding gun owners as a whole. Thank God for the 2nd !!

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LeverGuns50 2 years ago

I don’t think I would grab a gun by the Barrel one pull it toward myself, A lot of crazy people in this world

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 2 years ago

Wow, what an idiot!

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