Pocono Tactical
Pocono Tactical 11 Apr 2019

What the Pittsburgh gun and magazine ban means

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If you comply with a gun control law that you know to be illegal in your state and unconstitutional... then it is a certain that you...

1- will NOT take up arms to defend Liberty.

2- WILL turn over anybody to be tortured and executed to save your skin.

3- have condemned yourself and family to slavery.

One day you will either Arm your Children and lead them into battle for Liberty... or put Shackles on them and turn them in for Slavery. If you turn in your AR-15 and Magazines now... you know what choice you will make.

I'm not judging you. I'm giving you a criteria to judge yourself.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 4 months ago

Well said and to the point

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Pocono Tactical
Pocono Tactical 4 months ago

Thank You!

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