GunnyMcGunsmith 26 Oct 2019

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When the Parts Just Don't Fit | 3D Printed Mac 11/9 Build Series Ep. 2

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Just like in the Budget Glock 17 Build Series, episode 2 is bringing a minor setback. We were testing a different brand of upper, trying to ensure FreeMenDon'tAsk's design is ass cross compatible as can be.

Unfortunately our buffer and bolt are ever so slightly different, so we couldn't use frame one. In the process of trying to test frame one's trigger (to ensure that the hammer and bolt place nice together, we had to tear apart the frame as you see in the thumbnail.

Well, on the bright side it's only $16 and 24 hours per frame, so we've adjusted the design for the added length of the VMAC9 buffer and should have a new frame tomorrow!

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bosswild97 3 months ago

big fan from youtube do you use key base or some way of us getting in contact ?

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Red_Dawn_Rising 1 year ago

Very cool! Looking forward to next video!

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GunnyMcGunsmith 1 year ago

Thanks! I'm uploading one tonight. With the assembled gun. :)

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