American Gun Chic
American Gun Chic 13 Jul 2018

White Lightening Tannerite Explosion!!! American Gun Chic Gone Redneck!! New Ruger 10/22

In General

American Gun Chic tannerite explosions and fruit cocktail! American Gun Chic does her first experimenting with White Lightening explosives. She takes her new Ruger 10/22 out and tests out tannerite exploding targets made by White Lightening. Girls and guns, and doesn't get any better than this!

Tannerite I Explosion I White Lightening I Tannerite Explosions I Ruger 10/22 I Ruger 1022 I 22 Plinkster Explosions I Girls and Tannerite I WHite Lightening expolsives

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blake4020 19 days ago

Finally we have our own platform for like minded folks

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Icemanstann 20 days ago

Ok. Found ya..

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Gunprime 1 year ago

Looks like fun

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American Gun Chic
American Gun Chic 10 months ago

IT was!!!

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Pocono Tactical
Pocono Tactical 1 year ago

Boom !!!
Fun stuff!

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American Gun Chic
American Gun Chic 1 year ago


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