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Seven Star Tactical 15 Sep 2020

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Why Short Barrel Rifles are BS - The NFA is ridiculous

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This week we take a look at why SBRs are stupid from a legal standpoint.

Why does my 26" long PS90 not require a tax stamp, but my 31" long AR does? Because the barrels are different sizes! Because that makes any sense! The NFA rules about Short Barrel Rifles were enacted because the NFA originally sought to regulate pistols just like machine guns, and so rules were put in place to regulate short barrel rifles to stop people from simply cutting down rifles to replace pistols. And now we have rifles shorter than some pistols, and full length rifles shorter than SBRs.

Also, I meant "BRACE" when I said "STOCK" for measuring pistol length by ATF standards in regards to the NFA.

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