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Gould Brothers 01 Jul 2019

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Will a Shotgun Shoot Through a Bear 馃惢 Resistant Cooler? | Gould Brothers

In General

Will A Shotgun Shoot Through a Cooler? This is just one of the many weird questions we ask ourselves. Well, no better way to figure out if a shotgun will shoot through a cooler than to do a little redneck testing. In this test, we use birdshot and slugs to see if a shotgun will shoot through a Cabelas cooler.

When it comes to coolers the Cabelas cooler is rugged and solid and if any cooler could stop a blast from a shotgun, it would be the Cabelas cooler. Enter to win a Cabelas cooler 馃憠 http://bit.ly/CabelasCoolerGiveaway

馃帀 馃挜 Live Exhibition Shooting Shows 馃挜馃帀
The Gould Brothers perform a one of a kind live trick shooting entertainment show that will amaze you with their shooting feats while making you laugh as they share their stories and compete against each other with "brotherly love"聺. http://bit.ly/BooktheBros


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馃敨 Winchester SX3 Cantilever Deer 12 ga Shotgun
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Winchester Dual Bond Sabot Slug http://bit.ly/WinDualBondSabotSlug
NEW - Winchester SX4 Cantilever Deer 12 ga Shotgun

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We're so much cooler online, JOIN US!
鈻 Gould Bros. IG http://bit.ly/GouldBrothersInstagram
鈻 Aaron's IG http://bit.ly/AarongIG
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鈻 Facebook http://bit.ly/GouldBrothersFacebook


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Nutrition is one of the keys to peak performance 馃挭 and we use MTN OPS to keep us going strong.
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If you love shooting clays as we do, you'll love shooting off a high-quality trap machine. PULL!
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Relieve some stress and bust some clay targets:
White Flyer http://bit.ly/WhiteFlyerweb

Now pull that trigger and SHOOT for your DREAMS

The Gould Bros.

P.S. 鈻 Our Secret to Success http://bit.ly/OurSecret2Success

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