NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 04 Sep 2018

Workplace active shooter - Run, hide, fight

In General

This video is to start conversation and or thoughts to ask yourself “what if it happens to me and I am unarmed? Some places of employment have a zero tolerance of firearms on their property. The gun free zone!
Mine has this mindset. I won’t break their rules, but I will protect myself.

In the video I stated the plate carrier has a carry handle, should have said drag handle. Also the carrier will fit 11x14 plates as well as 10x12. The carrier also has additional padding with a mesh liner on the inside. It is pretty comfortable for the weight. Each plate weighs 8 lbs.

Link to Dept. Of Homeland Security training video not FBI. Run, hide, fight

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Smilemoney 11 months ago

I heard they have a lifespan I wonder why?

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 11 months ago

I know it don’t make sense to me. I have AR500 targets I have had for years and hit thousands of times and they are still good. It might just be a sales ploy to sell you more. Hopefully someone that actually knows why will comment. I’d like to hear the reason. Thanks for watching.

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