Awuani 06 Nov 2019

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Wuelf (Wüelf) Slide Unboxing and commentary

In General

Uneducated commentary on the slide.
Manufacturer asked I mail this back and responded within 24 hours to my concerns. I'm debating just telling them it's no big deal.

Update 13AUG202
It seems several people have had issues with quality control and customer service from Wüelf, please take this into consideration if you decide to purchase something from them.

Items in video:
Combat Armory Glock 26 Barrel .
Wüelf Glock 26 slide with RMR cutout and front and rear serrations

Equipment used:
50mm F4 Vivitar Super Takumar M.C. Macro
Neewer CN-216 Light

Music By:
A. A. Aalto

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