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Alpha Koncepts 05 Aug 2022

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You need this class if you carry to protect your life or the lives of others. Critical Pistol Skills

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Are you ready to run your gun to save your life? Critical Pistol Skills is the class you need to master your concealed carry pistol. Learn more at

Critical Pistol Skills teaches you the skills you need to run your defensive handgun like a boss. If your concealed carry class is like driver's ed, Critical Pistol Skills is like taking your car to the race track.

Defensive Pistol 1 Training Curriculum:
Holster draw and fire.
Multiple Targets.
Rapid target identification & acquisition.
Multiple Reloading techniques.
Malfunction drills.
Voice commands.
Point Shooting, also known as threat focused shooting.
Stress Inoculation.
The basics of movement while shooting.

We will teach you how to properly and safely deploy your firearm from the holster and place multiple shots on target as rapidly as possible. This is a real skill you'll need in a life and death situation. Also we will show you how to transition from multiple targets, because we know 30% of violent attacks have multiple attackers. Though reloading in a civilian defensive gun use situation aren't common, we teach you multiple reloading techniques so that your carry handgun is always topped off and ready to go. And, if your gun goes down we teach you how to clear those malfunctions so you can get back into the fight and save your life.

In Defensive Pistol 1, we will also set you up with the basics of movement. In Defensive Pistol 2 we will build upon the foundation and really get you to understand shooting on the move. These are the Critical Pistol Skills you will need in a life and death situation, and these skills are based on real life scenarios, not fantasy or theory.

Be armed. Be trained. Be Alpha.

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