The_Chopping_Block 16 Aug 2019

You Won't Believe What Happens When You Fire An AR-15 INSIDE Your House!

In General

This stunning high-speed video of .223 77gr TMK vs drywall clip is from a test I performed for TFB TV comparing relative penetration of .223 77gr TMK, 9mm 124gr HST, and 12ga 00 buckshot when fired through gel, a simulated wall, and more gel. The TMK penetrated the least. The full video is available here:

If you want to rent a Phantom high-speed camera like the one used here, contact Nathan at Aimed Research:

All shooting is performed on a controlled range, in carefully planned conditions, under the careful supervision of a safety coordinator, law enforcement, and an NRA certified instructor. There are no dangerous or unsafe acts portrayed in this video. Do not attempt to replicate anything seen in this video.

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