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Youth Shooting & ADHD - Girls Are Better Than Boys - Youth Shotgunning - Gun Channels TNG

The Next Generation is a live show hosted by CloverTac very Wednesday night at 11 CST. This show will focus on the subject of youth shooting sports and all that it involves. Topics of discussion will include youth shooting safety, best youth firearms from CZ to Savage to Kimber to Browning to Ruger, etc, youth shooting clubs like 4-H, Boy Scouts & FFA, youth shooting competitions like bullseye pistol, three position rifle, etc and much, much more. So, if you have kids, this will be a must see show every week.

This weeks topics:
Can youth shooting sports help with ADD & ADHD?
Are girl shooters better than boy shooters?
An introduction to youth shotgunning.

A very special thanks to for presenting the material, format and location for this show. CloverTac is grateful for all the admins, creators and member from that website.

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