We Value
2nd Amendment Rights
Our Goal is to Educate, Encourage & Support 2A Projects
We create Podcasts, Websites, Online Communities & More

Our Projects:

Gun Websites.com - network of Firearms Websites, Blogs and Social Media Accounts

Every 2nd Matters - Awareness of the Second Amendment
LIVE chat on the 2nd Day of Each Month
2A Activist Community @ Every2ndMatters.com

Daily Gun Show - Join the Conversation About Guns
Each Weekday since May 2016
Midnight EST, (9pm PST)

AK47 Guru Podcast - Each month we go LIVE to talk about the Kalashnikov
Videos, Collections, Tours, Research & More
(Check out the AK47 Project's Patreon page)

Gun Show Loophole Tour - We Travel to look at Guns
Gun Shows, Gun Shows, Firearm Museums & Gun Collections
to share unique and interesting guns & locations

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