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Gun Websites 15 Apr 2023

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Weekly 2A Wrap Up - April 14, 2023 Daily Gun Show 1,535

In General

2A News of the week

2A Talk

Suicide Prevention Saturday - So you had a plan, did you?

Sisters In Arms #10 with Guest Karen Ellery Jones from the Samaritans on Cape Cod.

Debate sobre el Control de Armas / Gun Control Debate in Spanish

RSWC #169 Michael Cargill

Cheryl Todd Testifies Against Discrimination Focused On Gun Owners

The VCDL Live Monthly Virtual Meeting

MN Gun Owners Caucus: How to obtain your Minnesota Permit to Carry

Debate sobre el Control de Armas / Gun Control Debate in Spanish

We Answer Your Gun Questions | Full Podcast

Gun Talk

Dead Zero Day One

The Overnight #63: All the Maybes You Can Handle!

7 Things About Gun Ownership I Wish I Knew Sooner

Our New Chair and CEO Discuss the CMP and it’s Future

2A Radio Shows

Cape Gun Works LIVE - RapidFire Episode 124 - Season 05 - Episode 20

4/9/23: Investigating the ATX Serial Killer

Eye on the Target Radio

Military Interviews

Special Forces Mountaineer Bryan Ray - Part 2 | Mike Drop Episode 132

From MACV-SOG to CIA Paramilitary Officer | Frank McClosky | Ep. 202

GunWebsites & GearWebsites Projects this week:

LIVE With Gizzard Gary

Richard Marcinko, the Rogue Warrior, M-16 vs AK47

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