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Gun Websites 15 Apr 2023

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What Lies Ahead for Gun Shows in the US?.. With Cape GunWorks - What is the Future of Gun Shows

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We chat with Toby from @Cape GunWorks about the future of gun shows

Join Toby and I for a lively online discussion about the future of gun shows in the United States.
We'll be exploring the potential changes and challenges that these events may face in the coming years, touching on a wide range of topics including gun laws, public safety concerns, and cultural attitudes towards firearms.

We will examine the impact of recent spree killings and the ensuing debates over gun control legislation, as well as the role of gun shows in facilitating the transfer of firearms and the ignorant cry for increased regulation. We'll also consider the cultural significance of gun shows in certain parts of the country and the economic impact of these events on the gun community.

Throughout the discussion, we'll be hearing a variety of viewpoints and perspectives from our LIVE audience, who will come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We will also take questions from the LIVE online audience, for a dynamic and interactive conversation about Gun Shows, an important and controversial topic.

Whether you are pro 2A, a new gun enthusiast, a concerned citizen, or simply interested in the future of American culture and politics, this video is a must-watch for anyone seeking to better understand the complexities of the gun show debate. So tune in, join the conversation, and let's explore the future of gun shows in the US together.

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