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'86 Machine Gun Ban, Hughes Amendment Vote - April 10, 1986 - Flashback Friday #13

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Vote by the 99th Congress on the Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA)
This amendment banned the new manufacture of full automatic firearms by civilians

This video is edited footage of the more relevant portions of the vote for the Hughes Amendment

Charlie Rangel is the Committee chair

Timeline (as I can decipher it):

the clerk attempts to read the amendment which bans the manufacture of new machine guns
- Hughes asks that the reading of the amendment suspended
- a Republican objects to the amendment not being read & forces the reading
- this starts a debate
time for consideration runs out
- Hughes asks for additional time for consideration
Charlie Rangel holds a voice vote
- Republicans demand a recorded vote
- Rangel declares that 'ayes' have it
- 'nays' are clearly heard
Rangel attempts to move forward
Republican's demand a recorded vote on the previous voice vote
Rangel concedes to the recorded vote
Recorded vote is held on the amendment
- 'nays' were the majority
- 124 yea, 297 nay
Voice vote is held on the amended FOPA
Rangel declares it passed
Rangel ignores the call for recorded vote (laughing)
- moves forward without taking a recorded vote

Vote for the Hughes Amendment (H. Amdt 777 - Record vote 74)

Passage of the Firearms Owners' Protection Act (HR 4332 - Record vote 75)
- 9 republicans voted yay
- a Republican President signed this into law

1986 Machine Gun Ban


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