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Gun Websites 07 Aug 2022

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12 gauge to 20g to .410 to .22lr Shotgun Adapters

In General

When you want to be able to shoot 12g, 20g, .410 and .22lr from the same firearm, this is all you need. Three chamber adapters from Short Lane that fit inside one another

Buy these at

These are designed to work with most 12 gauge break action (double or single barrel) shotguns
Let's you use your current platform (12 gauge) to accept other types of ammo

The ultimate survival tool

Where we got this Shotgun

Tactical / Survival Shotgun Modifications

Now we can try some of the interesting ideas from Wilderness Outfitters, one of our favorite channels on You Tube

Check out their videos on 12 gauge shotguns and the many uses for this simple, rugged single shot firearm..

The Pathfinder School LLC

21st Century Longhunter Series Shotgun SubCaliber Inserts

Ammo Buyers Guide

Shotgun Buyers Guide

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