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2A Activist Conversation: Toby, Cape Gun Works in Massachusetts

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2A Patch Batch

We chat LIVE with Toby Leary owner of Cape Gun Works, a gun shop & shooting range in Massachusetts

Toby also hosts their own national 'Rapid Fire' radio show that records LIVE on Wednesdays and plays 'On Air' Saturdays around the country

Cape Gun Works
20,000 square feet

RapidFire Radio Show
Stream live Wed on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

RapidFire airs

Saturday Morning:
8am on KNST AM790 in Tucson, AZ,
9am on WCRN AM830 in Worcester, Ma

Saturday Evening:
7PM on WXTK 95.1FM in Barnstable, Ma

Sunday at
7am on WBOB AM600 in Jacksonville, FL
7am on 101.1FM in Jacksonville, FL
5PM on WRKO AM680 in Boston, MA

Check out Toby's interview with Charlie Cook
Riding Shotgun With Charlie (No.143)

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