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Gun Websites 09 Oct 2022

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Daily Gun Show #1,396

We talk behind the scenes of 2A Media. Grab a Camera, Microphone, Keyboards or a Phone.. and Join in the creation of 2A Media online.

Things that get people into guns
- Personal Safety
- Hunting
- Shooting Sports
- Marksmanship
- Family Tradition / Marry

Things that get folks aware of 2A
- Infringement
- Choices are Limited
- News of the day
- Family Customs
- Moving / Relocating

They Decide to effort for 2A
- Outraged by the Situation
- Moving / Relocating
- Additional Infringements
- Out of Frustration

Some Decide to NOT work for 2A
- Surprised by the Cycles
- Never accomplished a success as a team
- Never want to loose

Choose to Participate in some way for 2A
- See patterns or similarities
- They want to add their skillset to the mix
- To offer a counter message to the ignorance
- Channels & Projects
- They want to add 2A to the new areas that are built
- Attending 2A Rally
- Met someone in the game

There is the time they spend in 2A
- Members of .orgs
- Members of communities / groups
- Time on the Trigger
- Time / effort spent training
- Achieving skill & Experience

Disinterest / Lack of Satisfaction
- Lack of Ability
- Disillusionment in a project / campaign
- Life Balance / Life Change (Personal)
- Lack of Support
- Few recent wins for 2A
- Waiting for a "Finish Line"
- Frustrated by the Cycles

Hate 2A
- Victims
- Slighted or abused

We talk nut & bolts and tips & tricks. Using phones, cameras, software, online platforms as well as how to network, finance and have FUN with your 2A projects

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