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2A Weekly Wrap Up - Dec 3rd, 2021

In General

2A Patch Batch

This was a really good week for 2A, here is the best of it:

2A Women Wednesday 009 - Lauren Hartnett Of Athena Defense Training
Guns N BBQ
774 subs

Athena Defense IG:

Lauren Hartnett IG:

Athena Defense Website:

Episode 068 | Giving Thanks Free-for-All
Locked & Loaded Latinos
685 subs

Jo Plays Pokémon Brilliant Diamond EP 002

Suicide Prevention Saturday - Dementia, Suicide, and the Holidays
A Great Start Shooting School
140 subs

Learn how to handle your handgun
- 4 week course, 30 minutes Monday night, Starting December 6th, Only 10 seats available

ONSITE INTERVIEW: 2021 She Never Quit Event with Daphane Cassidy
462 subs

John Crump Live: Coding For The Second Amendment With Wes
3.22K subs

Episode 19: Suicide, Mental Health and Mass Shooting Prevention w Walk the Talk America
44 subs
- "like a 5 year old puppy that knows nothing"
10:36 MIke's initial idea for WTTA, and the reality
11:44 What can we do for Firearm Industry? - Awareness & Options for Mental Health, and Education of the Medical Community
15:31 WTTA's courses for Medical Practitioners
16:11 Medical Professional awareness of Gun Ownership
16:57 Current Medical Data (64% of 'gun deaths' are suicides / 54% of suicides are by firearm)
- Prevention of Suicide is the answer to save lives
24:30 Mike's POV on 'conditioned responses' from the Gun Community
27:03 Experience at the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2019 in Phoenix, AZ
35:45 Stigma about Guns in the Medical Community (47% of Americans own guns)
36:34 Gun Owners Demographic of Gun Owners
40:32 12-20 Million New Gun Owners & Training / Securing Devices
41:33 How much does a CCW pistol REALLY cost?
45:25 Private Transfers of firearms in times of stress / tough times & Firearm Transfer laws
46:17 The first time doctors understood how 'good intended gun laws' prevent private transfers
47:17 ERPO Laws (Red Flag Laws) & Transfer Laws
48:22 Holding Firearms without transferring them to the gun shops books
50:35 "Cause a Pause" - an attempt to do 'do something'
57:04 Working with "Every Town Mom who Demands Action"
58:25 They are Banking that we have no Solutions
- "We can't give you legislation, what can we do here, let's get creative"
59:12 "Thank goodness that WTTA was there, because they brought the conversation back to suicides"
1:05:27 "Moms Demand Every Town Giffards" think they are not anti-gun, there are gun owners in those organizations
1:06:00 Why it was important to speak at the Moms Demand Attention event at San Jose State college
- So 'they' don't control the narrative
- Questioning 'them' directly

- Kinda boring at the same time to watch the new act experienced..

Q - Does the blind hate for the NRA mask something ?
- Their veiled attempt to 'hate / disregard' Fudds & 'vintage' gun owners'?

2022 Match Schedule Announcement
Guardian Long Range
237 subs

2022 Firearm Event Update -
167K subs

This is HOW the big YouTube gurus FAIL you!
GunTuber Academy
102 subs

Almost Nightly Firearms Expo 079
Gun Shows
Guns N BBQ

GET OFF MY LAWN! Podcast #88: Season 3 Opener/Every 2nd Matters
Sandhills Media
2.02K subs

RSWC #131 Gun Maker's Match
Riding Shotgun With Charlie
1.23K subs

Toy Guns 4 Tots
353K subs

AKC Episode 005 | Ak Prices, Firearm Criticism, Too Broke to Get Norinco 84S, Galil Ace an AK?
Kash EDC
3.82K subs

King Pin - 3D Printer Projects, Part II
Gear Websites
22.2K subs

Needs and Wants....
King Pin
1.13K subs

Every 2nd Matters - Dec 2, 2021
817 subs

Guns N BBQ
777 subs

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