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An Overlooked Investment, Firearm Magazines

In General

2A Patch Batch

Magazines are important

Magazines are disposable
- Balance between cost and durability
- CCW a fresh reliable magazine
- Bad Habits

Have plenty of mags pre-loaded for the range
- Larger capacity at the range is a lot more fun
Multiple magazines are a must for training classes
and to keep your subsequent training free of interruptions
Many mags for shooting sports
Lots of magazines reduce Training Issues
- Distraction
- Hesitation
- Costs

Spare magazines stashed around your house, vehicle, workplace, etc

Firearms are a must,
Ammo is important
but don't skimp on magazines


Risk of legislation + Grandfather clauses = Inflated prices caused by legislation

Keep as new for a rainy day

Invest in USA Mags
- Helping you're the firearms community in general
and the country by keeping your money here
- 922R
- Keep US mag manufacturers in business

Buy at gun shows to find the harder to find mags and save money,
- Buy a magazine at offset admission price

Look for group buys on forums

Local Shops depends on sales to stay in business
- Buying a mag each time you visit makes you a frequent customer

In a free and open market like we live in here in the US, we vote with our pocketbooks

Firearms Buyers Guide

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