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Ask Gun Questions - (pt.18) Experienced Gun Owners Answer Real firearm questions LIVE each Sat

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2A Patch Batch

Since 2007 we have hosted

People from all over the world have asked thousands of questions about guns

We have answered them in various ways over the years

In this Saturday Afternoon series we we will 'open the vault' and read both NEW Gun Questions & Classic Gun Questions from the past

Join us LIVE to address questions of all types about GUNS & our what Second Amendment protects

This weeks Questions Include :
- "With demand for firearms still at record highs, do you think we will see Constitutional Carry in all states within our lifetime?"
- "I have a carl gustafs stads gevarsfaktori rifle. the only mark are a crown over carl gustafs stads and a date (1914). serial number 54247. can you give me any info. on this rifle and the caliber??"
- "Can I Put A Kriss Vector Magazine In My Glock 22 If Its Meant For 10mm"
- " So does ANYONE still make rim fire other than .22 caliber? "
- And more..

What are the BEST Gun Questions & Answers?
- About How Guns Work & Gun Tech?
- About Firearm Facts & Gun History?
- About Using & Shooting Guns?
- About Gun Owners Rights & Gun Laws

Type #762x39mm in the LIVE text chat for a chance to win the "Patch Pack of the Day" !!

Thank you to @CloverTac & @SimonSaysTrain for joining us today to answer Gun Questions :

@CloverTac joining us again to answer Gun Questions
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Tony Simon
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