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Bannerman Castle: Part 1, The Islands Previous Owner

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have you ever wondered about the castle on the island on the Hudson River in New York ?

In this video series we will take a look at the Bannerman Island

in part one of our series we'll talk about the previous owner of the island before Bannerman bought it

we took a tour of Bannerman Island in September 2017 here is part one of a conversation with one of the guides on Pollepel Island

Sightseeing in New York can be fun especially a boat tour of the Hudson River like this one

this should answer some questions for people who see the castle on the island in New York period or for anyone who's traveled in New York and saw the old Scottish castle on the Hudson River

This was the furthest destination from Arizona on the 2017 Gun Show loophole tour. We have traveled throughout the United States visiting local gun shops and surplus stores. We attend new gun shows every weekend. our goal is to encourage everyone to share their local gun shops on your favorite social media platform

Attend or watch live this weekend the gun rights policy conference in Dallas Texas

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