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Creating Your Own 2A Website - Minuteman University

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2A Patch Batch

Minuteman University - Creating a 2A Website

Minuteman University
Skills & Resources for Second Amendment Advocates and 2A Activists

Some LIVE comments from the chat

​"2A school is in session

​being a guy with no computer I feel this chat is currently beyond me

​kewl insight thanks 🤘

​Is all of this on WordPress?
a lot is available on wordpress or as plug ins. some stuff is seperate sites and apps.

I have a name I have a URL and I have a product so I know what to charge for it ?

​I don't post a ton of content but when I grow up I'll find my YouTube voice lol

​Thanks for the brief and to the point chat.

​just started doing my site, its up but still have some work to do."

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