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Every 2nd Matters - August 2022

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Join in a LIVE conversation about what our Second Amendment protects

Every 2nd Matters
Promoting 2nd Amendment Awareness


- Communicate Network with gun owners, sportsmen & Pro-2A Activists
- Engage Follow, Share & Interact with Gun-Owners Rights Groups
- Act Learn & Prepare for the next challenge to our 2A Rights

We are a group of like minded firearm owners who want to keep the conversation about the 2nd Amendment and our Right to Own Firearms alive

We meet up online once a month (or so) and talk about the Second Amendment issues. what we did, what we could do, and learn from each other new ways to keep the conversation about guns alive

How was the month of July 2022 for 2A?
24 votes
July was an OK month for 2A (33%)
July was a Great month for 2A (29%)
July was a Good month for 2A (20%)
July was a Bad month for 2A (16%)

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