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Flashback 2012 Tactical Response High Risk Civilian Contractor Course

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In 2012 we filmed some footage at the Tactical Response High Risk Civilian Contractor course in Camden, TN

Tactical Response

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High Risk Civilian Contractor
- CQB (Raids and Rescues)
- Direct Action
- Driving Package
- Medical Package
- Small Unit Tactics

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to attend a Tactical Response High Risk Civilian Contractor course being held at their headquarters in Camden, Tennessee

This is an interesting class to observe and obviously an exciting one to film.

Tactical Response courses offer real world instructions without cutting corners

Their high risk civilian contractor course is now divided into five parts; CQB, Direct Action, Driving, Medical and Small Unit Tactics
- CQB (close quarters battle) which deals with fighting insider structures including planning routes, recon, asset management and team movements within an urban setting, breaches, signaling, security, and casually collection
Ideal for civilian contractors swat team members or soldiers looking for an additional close combat instruction
- The direct action course covers raids and ambushes on moving or fixed targets
- The driving course includes deploying from a a vehicle, engaging targets, IED avoidance, rolling and static ambushes and practice attacks on armed an unarmored vehicles
- The medical course is open to both professionals and anyone interested in seeking real world knowledge of saving lives. Topics include; tactical medicine, combat casualties, gunshots, scene evaluation, triage, movement of patients, like support, wound management, and lots more
- The small unit Tactics course of is the core class and the one that's recommended to take first. Good as boasts a primer for first timers or a refresher this course is taught by experienced and seasoned instructors.

I have known James Yeager from Tactical Response for quite a while, although we always have met while he was teaching courses here in Arizona. This was my first time visiting Camden and the facilities Tactical Response has to offer its students.

Hope you would enjoy this quick look at the high risk civilian contractor course we encourage you to take a look at Tactical Response for your next firearm training.

James Yeager

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