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Glock GTL 22 - Made by Glock - Tactical Light with Laser - GL3145 Replacement Bulb CR123 Batteries Unlisted

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We look at the GTL 22 GLOCK Tactical Light with Laser
glock gtl 22 review
Many people suggest there are not enough lumens on the gtl 22 tactical light even with the gtl 22 replacement bulb bi-pin Xenon 6V

Glock Factory bi-pin Xenon 6V replacement bulb is used in Glock tactical lights specifically made for our Glock Lights

A good replacement for your OEM bulb on a factory Glock Weapon light a bright Xenon light.

Buy the GL3145 Glock Factory Tactical Light, bi-pin Xenon 6V Replacement Bulb at amazon:

gtl 22 battery uses 2 (two) CR123A Lithium

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pinkiewerewolf 5 years ago

I know this light is considered archaic these days but i still want one. I dunno why, I just do. I have Streamlights, Olights, and I've had a few others but this light has old school cool going for it.

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Gun Websites
Gun Websites 5 years ago

yea, but it realy doesn't work well

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