GunFreedomRadio 10 Nov 2019

Gun Freedom Radio Interview with Rob Pincus - 2A Rally 2019

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GunFreedomRadio Video Interview Series Vol30 EP169 Rob Pincus, The 2A Rally Tally "“ Originally Aired on 11.7.19
Rob Pincus is a professional trainer, author and consultant and VP of Avidity Arms. He is also on the Board of and Walk The Talk America (WTTA).

He and his staff at I.C.E. Training Company provide services to military, law enforcement, private security and students interested in self-defense.

And most recently Rob was one of the organizers of a first-of-its-kind #2ARally on the west lawn of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC!

"“ Where did this idea come from, and how important was it for you and the other organizers that it be a true representation of the 2A Community?

"“ You had a "Surprise Speaker" who was very well received by the crowd (Dan Gross, Former President of the Brady Campaign) "“ tell us about Dan.

"“ Going in what was the yardstick you personally were using to determine whether it was a success? And now that we are on the other side of all the planning, how do you feel it went?

"“ What was one of your biggest hurtles to get over or challenges leading up to the event?

"“ Will this be an annual event?

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Gun Websites 26 days ago

IMO True Diversity would include the differently-abled, age-rights (both young & old age issues), new immigrants, industry reps, competitive shooters, hunters and an International View (or two)

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Gun Websites 25 days ago

You did address some of these things later in the conversation, thanks

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Gun Websites 26 days ago

I was told it would be a one time, spark to create new projects .. I was also told it would specifically not be the beginning of a new organization

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