GunStreamer 01 Aug 2019

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Gun Giveaway - Support GunStreamer Aug 2019

In General

GunStreamer is inviting YOU to support our platform, while at the same time participate in our first ever gun giveaway!

Giveaway includes: 1 AR pistol, 1 Ammo can full of .223 (courtesy of Rapid Ammo), 1 The Mag Feeder - Magazine Loader by SIX AXIS, 1 Sight Mark Ultra Shot R-spec Reflex Sight (courtesy of Discount Guns & Ammo), 1 TekMat Ultra Premium Gun Cleaning Mat - AR-15 Cutaway, 1 PMAG Magazine by Magpul, 1 M-LOK AFG Fore Grip

Every dollar pledged to support GunStreamer through ContributUS gains 1 entry towards the gun package giveaway. Here are the tiers where you can support our platform:

$1 = 1 entry:

$5 = 5 entries:

$10 = 1 FREE PATCH + 10 entries:

$20 (or more) = 2 FREE PATCHES + 20 entries (or more):

Of course, you can pledge any dollar amount and receive equal entries per dollar:


Legal & Shipping:

Free entry may be earned by emailing your GunStreamer username to [email protected]

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BigAl73 4 years ago

Soon as I figure out how to do it......I'll do it. Ha. Thanks guys/Gals

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cityslickr 4 years ago

Worth the contribution. Y'all keep up the stellar work!

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Texas Holdem
Texas Holdem 4 years ago

I Know i'll Never win the Gun "poor lil me" But I Do want the TekMat Ultra Premium Gun Cleaning Mat - AR-15 Cutaway So being the Cheap SOB that I Am i'll contribute a Buck. Also I clicked on "Transfer my YT channel to GS but landed Here. but Still here's my Buck

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johnnyboy47 4 years ago

just contributed 20 bucks to the cause

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hotrodpegleg 4 years ago

how can they be free if you pledge money for the patches

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Budget_Gun_Cinema 4 years ago

When will the drawing be? Money is a bit tight right now but payday is the 20th and I'd gladly pledge ten bucks for a patch!

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GunStreamer 4 years ago

Hi Budget Gun Cinema! Giveaway lasts until the end of August. As always, thank you for your support!

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Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 4 years ago

Awesome contest, I am having as well

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