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Gun Shop at the NRA's Whittington Center in New Mexico

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2A Patch Batch

fifteen shooting ranges
Facilities include; administration building with, cafeteria, NRA Firearms Museum, a library, classrooms, also has full-service hookups for 175 recreational vehicles, cabins and rooms for rent

Outdoor shooting ranges include: archery, benchrest shooting, black powder, high power rifle to 1,000 yards (910 m), high power rifle silhouette, hunter pistol silhouette, hunter sight-in, long range pistol silhouette, Precision pistol competition (PPC), practical pistol, skeet shooting, small-bore rifle, smallbore rifle silhouette, sporting clays, and trap shooting

This NRA Shooting facility is larger than other large US Shooting facilities

NRA Whittington Center, NM = 33,300-acre facility
Gunsite Academy, AZ = 2,000-acre facility
Ben Avery Shooting Facility, AZ = 1,650-acre facility
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, NV = 550-acre facility

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