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Gun Websites 15 Dec 2018

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Gun Streamer is a SCAM & Ghost Tactical is a Jerk - How I got thrown out of the 2A Community !!

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2A Patch Batch

So this happened

the Gun Streamer platform is 100% pro- gun
and so is their audience

Ghost Tactical is 100% pro-gun and so is HIS audience

so why are they ganging up on me?
How did I get thrown out of the 2A Community ?

We find out the answers to this and more in this thought proviking in-depth look into the "Pro-2A Community" over at GunStreamer

Do YOU want to be part of a GROWING 2A Community?
on a platform that honors your freedom and values your property?

Then Check out GunStreamer

Also subscribe to my channel on GunStreamer, Ghost is gonna think he is "so good" now that he is better than me


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wvpok1776 4 years ago

awesome video!

   1    0
Richard Hughes
Richard Hughes 4 years ago

Can you make a video saying I'm a jerk and a Tacti-cool flip flop wearer?

   1    0
Ghost Tactical
Ghost Tactical 4 years ago

orphans with left handed

   1    0
Calaveras32Spcl 4 years ago

Nice video G

   1    0
NY_Outcast 4 years ago

lol oh man , your funny !

   1    0
NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 4 years ago

Doing charity work, looking for south paw sqeakys for orphans with left handed puppy’s. Lmao.

   3    0
Doublefeed 4 years ago

I quit watching Ghost Tactical when this big strong "ex-Marine" felt it necessary to make a pointless, worthless attack against American Gun Chick.

   0    0
Roosted Remains
Roosted Remains 4 years ago

Ghost is obviously in the pocket of big Gun Streamer. Or maybe the other way around... I dont fit into this online creator community... STUPID popularity contest. It obviously has nothing to do with the fact that other people make much better content than I do...

   3    0

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