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GunFreedomRadio EP201 The Ameri-CAN Series: Modular Gun Safes with Tom Kubiniec

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We are doing a series called Ameri-CAN. Talking about the CAN-DO spirit that is part of our American DNA. So much about our lives has been turned upside down by this Corona Virus / Covid-19, and we have been hearing a lot about what we CAN’T do and where we CAN’T go, but our guests during this series are going to talk to us about their area of expertise and all of the ways we still CAN learn and grow, train, connect, and expand our freedoms in ways we maybe haven’t thought about before.

Our guest today is Tom Kubiniec. Tom is the CEO of SecureIt Tactical, which is the country’s leading authority on safe gun storage and armory design. In 2015, Tom expanded SecureIt from being solely a defense contractor into a rapidly growing retail brand with a focus on improving people’s lives by educating and making them safer and better prepared. His goal is to help gun owners to properly store, hide, transport and protect their guns.

1) Proactive Things Gun Owners Can Do During a Pandemic

With so many people home, firearms must be secured. Modern storage provides security and fast access in the event of a crisis.
Discreetly store firearms to prevent theft - traditional safes are much riskier because everyone - friends, neighbors, acquaintances - knows the location of your safe because it’s a centerpiece.

2) Every safe has a “rating” – can you help us better understand what the ratings mean?

- The traditional gun safe is based on designs from the 1970s, to meet a 1970 threat level. The designs have not changed, but the threat level has.

The 1970 threat was a thief with a drill, chisel and a pry bar. Today thieves use high power circular saws with carbide blades to cut into the side of a heavy safe in 30 seconds.

3) So what would you advise gun owners to do to protect ourselves against modern threats?

Decentralize firearms storage. The most secure locations to store guns are also the best locations for home defense.
The four best places are:
Master bedroom
Kitchen pantry
Closet near front door
Guest bedroom

4) With all of the new first-time gun owners, what can we in the “gun community” do to help our new friends to learn proper safety techniques.

Suggest safety courses and how to safely store their new guns.

5) You are a Storage Expert, but you have a lifetime of experience with firearms. Do you have any thougths on what kind of gun a first-time buyer looking for home safety and defense might consider?

Many first-time buyers purchase a pistol when they really should have a shotgun or rifle because long guns are far easier to use safely by a novice.

6) Ok, so once someone has the best tool for their home, and the best storage system, what is the best way to make sure they are prepared and trained to quickly and calmly defend their family in the event of a break in or other crisis.

- regularly practice home defense.

Don’t be serious about safety, training and practice and then a few months later forget you have your gun locked up in a closet. Be consistent.

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