GunFreedomRadio 06 Jul 2020

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GunFreedomRadio EP221 Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement with Drake Mitchell

In General

Our guest today is Drake Mitchell. Drake is a member of the which is the Arizona 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City, County, and Reservation Movement.

Drake is also the current Chairman of the Arizona Citizens Defense League PAC, with his primary goal as un-electing anti-gun, anti-right politicians whenever possible. Because, he says, “We can not continue to support the same folks who have proven they will vote against the Bill of Rights and expect different results.”

1) What is the Second Amendment “Sanctuary City” Movement? Some people are confusing it with the similarly named movement connected to the immigration issue?

2) Why would something clearly delinated in our Bill of Rights need a “Sanctuary Space” carved out on the State map?

3) With the AZCDL PAC, do you work to support certain pro-rights candidates or try to expose the candidates you believe are not living up to their Constitutional Oath? Are you a partisan group?

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