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GunFreedomRadio EP372 History In Heels with Ashley Hlebinsky

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Our guest today is Ashley Hlebinsky. Ashley is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on firearms history. She has served as both Curator of the Cody Firearms Museum (CFM) and Project Director for the museum’s multimillion dollar renovation and her work fosters dialogue for a range of diverse audiences
Ashley is a highly sought-after museum consultant, guest speaker, writer, expert witness in the US and Canada, and a television host and producer.
1) You are forever adding to the “hats” you wear, and the organizations you are connected with. In the past few months you began working with Walk The Talk America. And that connection began from a very personal place for you. Tell us about how this came about?
2) You have a couple of new projects in the works. You are currently in the process of founding the University of Wyoming Law School's Firearms Research Center with 2A scholars George Mocsary and David Kopel. What is the goal of this project?
3) You are also working with the LA Police Museum. Tell us about the scope and purpose of this project?

4) You will be one of our speakers for the 9th Annual Celebrate & Protect the 2nd Amendment Rally Event at the AZ State Capitol Building on Saturday, February 19th from 10:am – 2:pm. You are accustomed to taking deep dives into history and speaking to inspire and educate people – can you give a sneak peek into what you will be speaking on at the Rally?

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great interview I really learned a lot, thank you

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