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Ghost Tactical 13 Feb 2019

GunStreamer Joins Us: Tactical Tuesday LIVE: Episode 77

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GunStreamer Joins Us: Tactical Tuesday LIVE: Episode 77

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Gear Report
Gear Report 27 days ago

55:00 the lighting throws a shadow on each side of your nose and I think that makes you look 15 years older.

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Gear Report
Gear Report 27 days ago

41:00 Amen Clover! It absolutely lights me up when I see videos where someone knows that a gun will call someone a problem, hands them the gun, watches them shoot in a way that is dangerous and irresponsible, then laughs like a hyena. The people who set up those fail shots need a good throat punch, or 3.

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Gear Report
Gear Report 27 days ago

Dude. Goofin' on Tex Grebner. Harsh!

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Gun Websites
Gun Websites 1 month ago

sorry I missed it, good show

   1    0
Ghost Tactical
Ghost Tactical 1 month ago

Thanks.. We missed you!

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